The 18th October 23rd

It was just another day, but with additional wishes, hugs, and kisses from people. It took me 3 times to charge my phone because even though I'd silenced it, no sound and vibration, and I turned off the facey notification; videos, sound files, and birthday wishes came. Thanks people, I appreciate that for sure.

And today was a family day. I thank God for that because well, its quite hard for us to go all together, because we have our own worlds and our only commons are our DNA and the place we sleep every night. Also, dad was supposed to go lecturing somewhere but he said that today should be a family day, because well its my birthday. That's super sweet, isn't it?
And yesterday I went out with friends and before I went to bed, it was 12 am already and I went online on ym and some of my friends sent me their birthday wishes through it. And I got hundreds of it also from facebook. My overseas friends said they also missed me, and I don't know how to reply. Today was totally a blessed day.

And special thanks to my Lord, for another day I still am able to live, to keep breathing, and to be surrounded by people I love. Even though I know that today is just another day, I am thankful to have another great day. Thanks God, thanks everyone. :)

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