People want to be heard. They speak up, they talk loud. While everyone is trying to make others noticing their existences, they forget to listen. We all forget to listen.

Maybe some of you disagree, but do we really know how to listen? Maybe for all this time we've been pretending that we care about other people, we've been pretending to listen to them, to maybe compliment them and put additional fake smiles on our faces. But for God's sake, we've been using our ears just for our own satisfactions; to listen to music, to the compliments, or to other sounds we want to hear, not to those things we are supposed to hear.

Now how can we be heard if no one wants to hear? How can we be noticed if no one is aware? How can we be cared if we ourselves don't?


-anonimose- said...

people like to believe that we mean something in the world even though we don't. we live, we die and it doesn't make a single difference but if we really believed that, we're as good as dead. so we convince ourselves that we matter, sometimes more than others because it's what we need to survive.

--but there are times when we affect the lives of those who surround us even in the smallest way and that keeps us going when there's no other reason to go on.

lol i'm so bloody awesome :'D

AchlamBasalamah said...

so should we listen or we'd better keep being a selfish bitch as everyone is?

yeah whatever, B haha

-anonimose- said...

that really depends on whether or not you think your 2 cents is worth more than mine doesn't it?