Hello young boy, I don't bite

Today is the last day of October, and its Sunday. Ironically, I woke up very early today, the earliest time I woke up of the whole month. There was an event held by dad's office at Senayan and we had to go at around 5. And the event wasn't really bad actually, but when we were about to go home, Mr. Secretary was like walking around and shaking people's hands while my sisters and I were sitting, and he recognised us. Lol he said something like 'I know you're Anis' daughters, where's your daddy?', yes he's a super friendly and humorous person. And he's also handsome. Haha.

After that, we went to Margo city to watch my brother's show. I was heaps sleepy but he didn't get to the stage until almost 3 p.m., and to make it worse, he didn't play well. Maybe it was the sound system, but anyway, while we were waiting, there was a kid, he was my brother's friend's brother, and he sat next to mum. He talked to mum that he had heard a lot about me (seriously, I don't know I'm that famous haha), and he wanted to talk to me. But, this is the funny part, he was afraid that I couldn't speak Bahasa or wouldn't understand what he was talking about because he thought I'm a foreigner because according to him I look like one (err), and even if I could, he was afraid that he should talk about something brainy because that's what he thought I'd like to talk about. When mum told me this on our way back home, I was like 'what? he's only 6 maybe and he thought like that about me? jesus!'.

Seriously, what's wrong with me? Or, if it's not me (and being mean is not wrong), what the hell did my brother tell his friend about me? But this is quite surprising because I never thought that he'd tell his friends about me (if that kid thinks I'm that brainy, my brother must have told him about my awesomeness haha, self compliment).

Anyway, I was confused yesterday because I joined myself to some events where I'm taking quite important parts, but I passed a test for a student exchange and that will be held at the same time with other events. I've talked to a senior, and by that I'm sure that this winter, perhaps January, I'll be abroad for some social projects. If I should resign from those events I would, but I'd try to work on it so that I wouldn't have to do so. It's actually a good news. It should be a good news. But I don't know why, I haven't got the enthusiasm as when I was about to go to Japan. Even I was having this sad feeling when I heard mum telling her friend (as if it was necessary...) that it's better for me to go abroad for a month or two than to go abroad for years for college. Right, she wants to keep me close with her. I don't know if I should be happy or.. not so happy about it. I love you mum, buy me a new phone please? Haha omg I'm the worst daughter ever.

And I've seen the result of math. It didn't satisfy me but holy cow I've studied heaps hard for that!!!! Okay then, I promise I'd study harder a week before the final exams. At least that's better than a day before midterm exams started. I'd be better, I'd be better, I'd be.... fucked. Not. Whatever..

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