Not an emo post

FE kills my glorious weekend! Err no more complaining yes, sorry. I know I haven't been here for a while, well its quite hard to find a spare time now but hey I finally do, after studying math, economics, business and other freaky shit at Gita's house with my oh-my-gosh friends. Oh no, I'm in grey area!

Anyways, I'll be having my first mid-term tests as a freshman and by that, I've spent 3 nights sleeping over at a friend's house and let go of my saturday night for the sake of studying! Imagine people, I committed myself not to be involved in any UI events or things related to it, yet, I did the opposite. And yeah I don't wanna think about it anymore because it's a waste of time. Well the reason is actually because I can't lie to myself that I'm enjoying spending time with my new friends. Maybe by reading my previous posts you might think that I really hate that place and what's related to it. But for sure, Ima tell you that I'm not emo, I was just shocked and this freshman syndrome happens to everyone else, only I don't have people to talk to while everybody does *sweep*. Lol kidding! But true, it sucks to hide all that emo feeling because people aren't able to hear them, because they all are busy handling their own. So isn't it what blogspot is for??

P.S: I need a new phone. I need to study harder. I need to eat pizza more often. I need to meet Yasmin and Karchy. I need to increase the meeting old friends frequency. I need to read the novels soon. I need to find Lily Allen's CD. I need to save my money for holiday. But the resources are limited; scarcity. Shit! Whaaaat

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