Cooperation or selfishness?

During the industrial revolution, many weavers got fired and had to live under poverty and that was why people in Rochdale, England created a cooperation, to fulfil their own needs because no one else would.

How's my memory? Lol that's what I learned from my cooperation class this morning. Anyway, the idea of working together (because it's an organisation that relies on togetherness) I believe doesn't fit much with human nature. Err I'm not saying that humans can't work together, no. Its just, don't you think that's just a place where people finally can meet their own personal goals, to serve their own needs?

Okay before some co-op experts come and say that I'm wrong, I just wanna make sure that what I'm talking about now is human nature; selfishness. Why? Because holy christ I just watched a news on telly saying that there's a crisis in Libya and an earthquake happened in NZ and what the anchor (and maybe the rest of people here) concern about is how's Indonesians there. I know its important for a country to keep its citizens safe and yes it is the main priority, but there's conflict there, and even an earthquake which many local people suffered, and what the people on tv highlighted is our own people. See what I mean? Wherever we are and whatever we do, we human tend to have our ego fulfilled first before trying to be more social by helping others, ~if the ego isn't high enough. So practically, we were born to be selfish. Therefore, its not wrong if one day you see me being very mean by prioritising myself at the top of everything because I just try to be more human. Lol joking. I don't know, I'm just sick already of this friggin country and that's just my 2 cents anyway..

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