"Why did you choose Japan over the USA?"
"I know that many people want to go to the USA, and hearing my friend's story about going up there was interesting. But I don't think I've made mistake by going to Japan because my experience there was also interesting. Plus, I got the chance to learn Japanese language and culture while those who went to the USA only got English, which everyone nowadays is able to speak. And that I think is a plus point for me."
"Have you ever lived in the USA?"
"Err, nope. Why?"
"Because you really sound like them Americans"
A conversation with the Ambassador of Japan in Indonesia.


I didn't know if that was a compliment because all this time I've been trying to attempt british accent. Lol epic fail. Anyways, after that convo with Mr. Ambassador, I was interviewed by The Jakarta Shimbun, a newspaper for Japs who lives here. That went smooth because the interviewer was a really nice person, and we went for lunch after that. And even though the filth took away my licence because I took the wrong way on my way back home, it was a nice day. But now I'm licence-less. Boo!

P.S: I can't think of any other word best describes Japan. So, Konnichiwa?

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