Can you tell me where it leads when it's neverending?
Can you tell me where to go when no one's home?
And I know, you know, it hurts
It hurts to be alone
You're all, on your own
On a one-way train going down
Can you tell me what to say when there's no one listening?
Can you show me what to do when all is done?
The plan has gone wrong
Like a one-way train going down

Roxette - It hurts


It's friday night and I'm sitting all alone in my room. Everyone is busy watching tv out there, and they're laughing and I hate it so much. And my itunes has been playing this song I write above since the first time I opened it, I put it under the repeat item mode. And as I remember, I tried so hard not to talk too much today because everytime people talked to me, I feel like they're all wrong and I'm right, and I want to shut them mouth up. Even the lecturer. But all I could (and can) do is just sitting here, playing an emo song, "talking" to a blank page hoping someone somewhere understands that it's not that I'm a hater because I don't know either what's happening to me. Even when a friend recognised that I'm currently not in a good mood, I could only try to change the topic. I feel like talking seriously, but I just can't because there's nothing to talk about. I just hate everyone now. Oh now you know how bad it feels like to be me.

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