Young and fresh and underestimated

"when you're young, it's okay to be easily ignored.."
Jason Mraz - Love for a child


This is not another emo post. I just realised that the line is true, when you're young, people tend to underestimate you. I had this conversation with a 25 year-old Japanese couple days ago, asking why a young, fresh-graduate journalist like him wants to work far away from his own country, especially in a country like this, and his answer was far from my expectation. He said that in Japan, there's a limited place for young people because mostly the companies have changed into global companies which hire more foreigners than the Japanese itself. Hence, those limited places are only for the old ones who seem to have more experiences than those fresh-graduates. As a result, he is now here. And so are other young Japanese, have to work in outside their country.

Similarly, it happens to my lecturer. Compare to others, she is much younger though I'm sure she's very smart nonetheless). She used to be a lecturer assistant while she was studying at the campus and went abroad for her postgraduate study. I don't know what kind of professional job she's doing before and after she graduated but she's teaching me now, in maybe her late 20. And a friend from another class told me that her lecturer (the senior one) once talked to the class about how different the process of her era to be a lecturer and it is now. And though she didn't mention a name, I noticed that my lecturer was what she was talking about because she said something like 'it's not like we become lecturer assistant then study abroad then go back and voila we're lecturers'. See?

I'm not trying to sound too political but I'm sure you're down with that when I say a country's future is in the youth's hand. Does it happen in everywhere in the world? Because if so, we're in danger as from all I can see, lack of trust of youth generation can cause a serious problem. Oh Jesus, we're young but it doesn't mean we're uneducated duh. Well it's okay if you old people want to think that we're unable to do this and that because we don't have as many experiences as you do, but please don't judge us uneducated or not capable or whatever you think we are because we can be as good and maybe better than you are. Lol at me putting down personal emotion at the last sentence. It's just, you're old doesn't mean you're bold, I'm young doesn't mean I'm dumb. (and it rhymes!)

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