That's why I love blogger

I feel like going online but facebook and twitter simply bore me. To be honest, I don't like twitter at all because as I always say I can't stand the show-offs, complaints, unstableness, and all those people's babbles. I re-made a twitter account because some people asked me to and I thought it was a good way to stalk people without being known, lol. I never thought that it's gonna double the level of boredom and even upset me though. Why upset? Because I don't need to know if they're hungry or they go to this place or they want a new gadget or even they want me to join something.

And facebook. It's simply a way to keep in contact with my overseas friends and is also a place for chatting and gossiping with my close friends. And that's it. I just can't bear with the jealousy of seeing my friends' pictures or statuses showing their happy lives out there (aww lol), and I can't stand the pride of some people from some university/faculty/organisation whatsoever. And you want me to advertise your events in my personal accounts? No thanks.

Oh oh and once more. Here I quote my friend's facebook status:

"I really don't want to involve in anything, but everyone keeps telling me that I really need this, I must do this, I have to try this... Why do I have to do something that I don't like just because they think it's important for my future?"
-Shita Azalia

I'm not surprised to know that it resembles me much. So far I've made myself involved in some kind of activities and organisation but I just don't know why. Perhaps a good record in CV is still my reason. That is not a good thing I believe, because now I end up seeing every negative thing of everything. It may be okay if I can keep it for myself, but this openness and the so-called extroversion won't make my mouth shut, and I'm absolutely not proud of it. I know if this continues it can be a boomerang for me. So it's not good. But I can't enjoy things I don't like. But I signed my name already, and because of my awesomeness they can't refuse me (err lol). So I can only complain now, just like people on twitter. But at least, I never ask you to follow me and listen to my every grumpy thing. And that's why I love blogger.

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