It's not easy to be a lady

The mountain of task was the stimulus the other day. The apply-online-now-use-less-paper ads was the heartbreaker the other night. The appearance of an old woman during the sleep was the fire-starter in the morning. The upcoming two-week mids is the haunter all day long. At the end of the day, period comes.

Being a lady isn't that easy. It's not easy to keep waiting for the guy to text and come and say hi first, for the sake of dignity. It's not easy to keep being underestimated just because people tend to think you use more emotions than rational actions. It's not easy to keep quiet when a stubbly hot guy passed by. Lol. It's not easy to do stat task (err, true?). It's not easy to be pretty, especially when you can't stand the heels, the makeups, and the dresses. It's not easy to wear converse and jeans and backpack and still being pretty. It's not easy to drive a car when people look at you behind the steer and say 'oh, a girl'. It's not easy for god sake not to curse because you're a girl and people want to hear good things come out from your mouth. It's not easy to keep calm when period comes. it's not easy!

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