All you need is time

People think they make plans while they're actually just doing what is planned for them. They don't know that life is the art of accepting and letting go.

Entering the first gate of adult life is one of the most crucial things in life, and it is choosing the place ones will spend for four years which is going to shape them and their points of view. And I can feel the euphoria, right at this moment. Still fresh in my mind last year, my friends were all excited to discuss this topic; who's accepted to those particular unis and who haven't got any placements yet. It was about gratefulness and tears; happy tears, not so happy tears. Perhaps it was such an embarrassment not to be grateful and to cry sadly for being accepted to thousand of people's dream school. Again, life is all about accepting and letting go. Assume a year is long enough to learn, so yeah, I've been friends with life.

So this is official; I'm no longer a freshman and my juniors are having their moments. Speaking of the Universitas Indonesia life, I know (almost) all of them are excited. All of my friends were, which was somewhat annoying, just saying. So through this I would like to congratulate my friends who are accepted and are about to be accepted. If I was to suggest, I suggest you to behave ;)

Once again, congratulations!

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