(Not) a Son of a beach

Despite the fact that I would look so weird covering all my body while everyone wears bikini or even nothing, I never really liked beaches.

I love the picture of shining sun and the warm feeling from sands touching my feet, or the laughter came from building the sand castle while I was a little younger. I also love to sit in some hut reading some good book drinking coconut ice while watching my little cousins swimming and playing happily. But then I just realised that hot weather never suits me well. Never. But its also too weird to say 'we'd better go to mountains instead', as I'm not that type of mountain climber either.

Indeed it sounds like fun. I can't deny though, I want it too. But the thought of people staring at me and being not free to do anything because of what I'm wearing is haunting me. So can we just stay home for holiday, or go somewhere other than beaches? Museums, temples, anything really.


Anonimose said...

That's the saddest thing I have ever read (in the literal sense) and a few minutes ago I just read that Justin Bieber is launching a perfume line for women! So that's saying a lot :\

Achlam Basalamah said...

:( *sweeps bieber's fringe*