What is this?

I've told you million times before that I don't think I have that sense of belonging to the organisation I'm now in. I'm not lying, till this very moment I'm still questioning what is it that I'm looking for. But yesterday, I attended this welcoming and farewell party for foreigners under the same organisation, and somehow I liked it very much. Yes, at first I was concentrating on finishing my meals cause I didn't know what else to do since I didn't think that I'm that close to everyone and it just felt awkward to start making a move talking to someone randomly. But those foreigners were really nice and friendly and we just talked and it ended up I didn't wanna go home.

My assumption so far is... because they come from places I like. I don't mean to sound racist or anything, it's just.. gosh! One is from Italy, he got that sexy look and when he speaks Italian, it was awesome. One is from Netherlands, he was the friendliest of all and he's funny. He tried to eat every single Indonesian dish and because some were too spicy, he was turning red, literally. Two are from Canada, I talked to one of them and she was surprised to know that part of me is Canadian, err seriously. Then the best of all was, one is from England, which has the perfect sexy accent. Too bad she's a girl and we didn't talk a lot haha. Omg her accent!!! I don't have any words right now to describe this. It's just, I promised myself that one day I have to go to England. Have to.

The Italian guy. Don't ask why I looked so happy, his arm was around my wrist. Oops.

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