I am many things

If something so simple like the way someone speaks or acts can upset me without any particular reason, it's also very much possible the way I speak or act can upset someone.

I don't mean to sound like a hater, but I have no right not to make you think I am. It's just, sometimes I feel like I wanna say 'STFU' when someone says something because I think it's so annoying. Either because of what they're saying is not right, according to me, I've already heard/known before, or simply because of the way they say it. Or type it, whatever. Those who use foreign languages but fail all the times, those who think using foreign languages all the times indicates some kind of superiority or whatever they think it is, those who don't use foreign languages because they don't understand, are just one little example. Why foreign language? Don't ask me, I've just read the twitter timeline and funny how the things people say don't seem right to me.

Another thing is trashes! In my very personal opinion, no matter how good looking, charming, caring, or whatever that ends with -ing you are, you're so nothing if you don't put the trash (esp. ones you make) into the trash bin. Do you think those used tissues and face papers can walk themselves to the bin? Just so you know, yesterday my friends (yes, my close friends) were using face papers and they just threw it on the floor after, and when I asked them to take it back they said they didn't want to, and I, at the end, was being the one who take it off the floor and threw them to the bin. It was so gross and it really upset me. Happened to me several times that I have to throw them for you because you throw them in my car, I know it's messy but it's not a four-wheeled trash bin!

Back to the topic, however, I'm wondering if someone out there is thinking what I've been thinking of. I mean, it seems to me that I dislike everything and everyone easily recently and I sometimes can't find the reason why I don't like them (perhaps there really is no reason to hate). People can also hate me by seeing what I'm doing, listening to what I'm talking about, or even by looking at my face. I am hate-able. People would want to say STFU to me when I'm telling them a story and they find it boring, or when I say something they've already heard before, or just by standing there saying hi. Or people would think I'm trying to sound superior by using foreign language in the daily conversations, or by acting like the one who don't like seeing any dirts and therefore they conclude that I'm that hygienic person who's gonna yell at you every time you don't put your trash in the right place.

Well, I can't control your mind. It's okay for me to be hated as long as I don't walk alone. A hater, an ignorant, yes, I am many things. Is it also okay for me to hate people then?

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