Few Updates

Let's get down to that, I'm not good at telling details of what I'm doing here. It's true that I've been living for almost 3 months now in Korea, and I just got back from a trip to Hong Kong and Macau, and I went with my French fries, and it was amazing.

But this post isn't about the trip, sorry. If you're looking for some tips about having a cheap Hong Kong trip, you're welcome to go find other resources. I'm talking about how I've built a new home in such a short time, and that it indeed felt really weird to leave home (Korea, all my friends and everything) even only for 5 days, and I could see that in the next 6 weeks, I will leave forever and things will even be weirder.

I got used to my new life in Korea. I got used to my new friends here. I got used to do everything with them and I somehow know that I got too attached to them, and I know that I like it. I don't wanna imagine how it'll be when I finally leave, but the feeling of coming home again, after leaving everyone and everything, was too relieving. Like, finally I'll meet them again. And though it's also weird that during the past 5 days I've always been together with my french fries and now we're resting in our own rooms and back to our routines, I can't imagine how frustrating it will be when I'm back to my real home. I mean, ok, Hong Kong really reminds me of Jakarta. All the buildings, the crowd, the heat, and even the foods, I feel weird already. I'm sure I wouldn't like it to face the traffic again, and how unsafe it is, and how hot it is, and how crowded it is, and everything.

I'll stop complaining now. I'm just, kind of sad, that it's been such a great time and a great journey and it will end soon while I know my personal curiosity hasn't been fully accomplished, though so far I'm happy enough with the progress.

P.S: Because of Hong Kong, I'm broke.

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