Take a nap they said

I woke up in fear, sweating out and terrified. I looked around and found no one. I tried to calm myself down as I sensed the cold wind breezed in through the window I left open. I was kind of glad, it wasn't real.

It was a beautiful sunny autumn day and I was with my international family. Everyone was there, sitting around me, listening to me telling them my story. They forced me to tell them everything. I couldn't lie. The more I explained, the more questions I received. They listened to the details, they were not satisfied of simple answers, and I had a really bad time arranging my words. I almost lost my voice. I begged them to stop questioning but they didn't seem to care for that. They kept asking and they were serious. I looked at my friend's face, begged her to stop, and she didn't seem to understand what I was trying to say through my eye contact. I looked at my other friend's face, same result. I had no choice but to keep answering.

I now can't even remember what I was trying to explain them, but it was one of the scariest dream I've ever had. Because it was somehow too real, and I somehow can clearly picture myself being in that situation. But then, I don't understand why I'm too worried of exposing my thoughts with them. It's not like I'm gonna die in embarrassment whenever I meet them or anything because I don't even know when I'll meet them again in the future.

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