Movie Nights

I've reread things I've written since I've been here, and I regret it so much that I only had so little things to tell, and I'm almost there at the end. Maybe I can make a post everyday, just to remind me of everything. I know it will be so useful when I'm back, to help reminiscing since my memory is like so brilliant and everything.

Anyway, I just finished watching 2 movies with my girls. The Ring (Ringu)-Japanese version, and another one was a Japanese romantic sad movie the title of which I don't know how to write, and it was so great that I spent time with them. And before, I had a dinner with them in a very nice place, it was so nice and quite cheap. And today I practised singing with a friend for the talent show of my school here, and it was so good to finally play keyboard again after a long time. And for this talent show thing, it's not that I expect to win or anything (yes they have a really good deal like some Rp 5M for the first prize), I just wanna have fun and show them international people that I have something. Or not. Yeah I just wanna have fun. We're gonna do a mashup of Gangnam Style and Rolling in the Deep, so lame I know, but I hope it's not lame enough for Korea since they only have like some bunch of feminine looking guys dancing and stuff (sorry to say ^^). Ok that last signs aren't so me but anyway..

And that's that. The thing is, I never really have something to tell. That's why this blog always sucks. Like, I have a lot of things to say now in my mind, but none of them makes sense so I'd always end up talking craps people wouldn't wanna hear because it doesn't really describe my life here in Korea. It'll always only show how I feel towards certain things or even worse, I could only describe half of the things I wanna say, so it's incomplete or not clear or whatever. Though I'm sure I'll remember what's happened in every post someday after reading them again, still I kind of envy all my friends here who are very creative and nice by creating a very useful and helpful blog to help those people who are going to come by providing them information they might need.

But whatever, today and tonight was fun. And here's another Korean post.

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