Something to eat

I don't know what happens but today I'm too lazy to go out to eat, though i don't have anything in my room. Then suddenly I got an idea, after looking at my precious mayonnaise and chilli sauce. Mix them, buy some breads, eat it with abon, some instant homemade lunch. Then i did. It tastes okay, and here i attach the pic. A way to save up indeed.

Speaking of saving up, i got to tutor tonight after class. It feels weird to teach English to a 31yo man, while he knows I'm not a native speaker, and I'm not even sure if my English is good enough to teach, but tutoring is an easy way to get money here in Korea, because they don't speak English. And wanna know how much they pay for an hour session? Approx Rp 200k. How am I not gonna be rich?

And today I'm quite busy because i have class from 5-7 then tutor from 8-9.30, and after that, another movie night. It's weird that since the korean class is over, all my friends who attended the class have a lot of free times while i have it since the very beginning because i didn't take the class. And now I'm the busiest of all because i have more classes than them, plus tutoring. Ok not the busiest, but yeah I feel like i don't have as much times as they do. And I have my class in 40 mins but I'm too lazy (moral hazard of nontransferable credits), and I've been skipping it for thousand times so i can't skip it again today.

So yeah, let's see how today goes after the movie night.

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