Regret comes from overthinking

Today I received a letter that made me really sad. From the Ministry of Justice of this country, saying that my permission to stay will expire soon. It punched me right in the face, that everything will end soon. Ok, I know it will but I didn't expect it to be this soon. And I have like, a month left. I need to do a lot of things; go to the immigration, look for a place to stay, buy a lot of things for people I don't even know why I have to try to please them, and of course enjoy my last moments. 

And for what happened today.
One word: regret.

I tried to be 'normal' once. And maybe because I'm not used to it, it turned out really weird. The person I was talking to said I'm strange. I don't know, I wish I never told her that. And I'm so embarrassed for things that I said. I don't know if I can ever see her in the eyes next time I meet her again, for I'm dying from embarrassment now.

And I'm up for the talent show for my school and I just borrow a keyboard which now lies on my roommate's bedroom because I don't have enough space and she's out of town till next monday. I wish this is a sign that I will do good on monday.

Whatever, I have to tutor and to practice tomorrow. I need some sleep.

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