The Day

So finally today is the competition day! I can't tell how excited I am, and my partner Joan seems to be more nervous than I am. But I'm sure we'll do good, seeing how great she sings and plays guitar, and how supportive our friends are, I just hope I won't mess up the tempo and I will be brave enough to embarrass myself by saying '우리는 체츠기 입니다', in a Korean cute way.

And we've been practising till late night since the last two days, and my roommate was out for 3 days, and Joan stayed in my room last night. I like private room but last night was an exception because she's fun, and I was talking to Eva through kakao talk about our other friends and I felt awkward for not talking to Joan though we were in the same room so I asked Eva if we could invite her to the convo, and we did, and it was kind of awkward because I felt like girls talking about other girls is bad.

But anyway, it was fun talking to them since we're almost at the end, and I really can't wait for this afternoon to come!

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