Bon Idée

There's absolutely something wrong with me. I suck at expressing my feelings, though there are times I feel like sharing. However tonight I'm happy to find this piece of art, which has similar situation with mine. The message is nicely delivered by Miss Spektor through her song Bon Idée.

Don't tell your secrets to anyone
Because ideas are vulnerable
As soon as you say your idea out loud
Then it can go and live on its own
And you will miss it oh so much
And you will wait for its return
And you will wish they were your own
But ideas that left never come back home

Don't tell your mother that you are afraid
Don't tell your lover that your heart might break
Don't tell your gods you no longer believe
Because as soon as you say it out loud they will leave you
And you will miss them oh so bad
And you will wait for their return
And you will wish they were your own
But gods that have left you will never grace your home

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