A Glimpse of the Past

We were in Hong Kong, entering a fancy-looking restaurant, hungry and some of us got pretty emotional. 

The restaurant was busy, and the waitresses were rude, (or maybe they just didn't speak English). But still, we had to wait to be seated, and because the restaurant was kind of full, we saw the process of them setting a table for us. Using some disgusting-looking board that wasn't even stable, and our table was so different with others. Then they left us.

So we discussed, whether to leave or to stay. I didn't wanna stay because it was absolutely rude of them to serve a customer like that, and it was pretty expensive and I don't think their service was worth every dollar we spent. On the other hand, we sat there already, drank the welcoming drink (which was Asian tea), and didn't know what to do.

We decided to walk away.

Suddenly remembered.

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