It keeps on getting better and better. No fucks involved. I'm so relieved.

And what now, I don't know. I have reached that point where I can just see it as something bad that happened once, but of course bad things happen. Be it destructive or constructive depends on how I see it. And yes I can handle it now. Though it's still weird knowing how things can change so quickly in a way I could never imagine before. But yeah, ignorance is a bliss. The less amount of shit given, the better.

Blah, I don't need reasons, explanations, apologies, whatever it doesn't matter anymore. Everything I have is actually enough, don't you think? And of course, I can always leave the questions unanswered because in the end, perspective changes.


Jjjuuunnnn said...

"in the end, perspective changes"

ooh I like that a lot *.*

Littest Things said...

kkk thanks. i just saw this and it feels weird responding to a comment from long time ago but thanks Jjjuuuun kkk