Magic, blah

Music is magic.

I don't know if it's because I'm in the mood for listening to music nonstop or its because I'm not in the mood that I've been listening to music nonstop. But for the past few hours I've been alone with my phone and I'm pretty amazed knowing there are actually a lot of songs i can relate to. Apparently its true that people only hear what they wanna hear.

I mean, i haven't really paid attention to these songs before but when i was in a pretty gloomy mood this afternoon i was listening to one of the songs, intensely, put on repeat, because it felt like the singer talked to me. And I don't really feel alone because i feel like, at least those who wrote all these songs have been in this kind of situation long before me and they seem to do ok, I mean, they can even transfer it into such beautiful piece of arts! So yeah here i am, feeling like shit but not really, for i have my music.

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