Relate to it once more

"I know, but this will never change. The thing is: we should try to choose what is best for us at the moment. Even if the priorities are changing, if you have time later on you can still do things you wanted to do before, even if other things got more important." -Alexa, my favourite onnie, on changing priorities and how things will still be just fine. It feels so good to have someone to talk to about random things that lead up to another emo period of life.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound anything but I'm pretty sure we can just never guess how much we're actually loved, or liked, whichever you like better,  by the people around us. And by that it's also safe enough to say that those who left are not worth our time and attention, especially when it feels like there are a lot of things we've done for them.

But I know, it's so much easier said than done.........

"Cheer up! Only clever people are depressed!" - Alexa, again.

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