I am many things.

Estrogen, crazy bitches. I had so much fun today; got the book I wanted, spent lovely time with my sister watching a concert, the concert was wicked. I had fun yesterday and today and now look at the state of me, feeling faceless. 

I am many things, some of which, if not most, I hate. A complete fool and a total mess sometimes, well-hidden underneath my emotionless face. I'm a woman of ambitions too, and that scares the living being out of me sometimes. My obsessions take over my rational thoughts sometimes. My love for people, which I never really show, scares me too sometimes. 

I am many things. My ridiculous nonsensical fears towards things that shouldn't matter makes me paranoid. My sense of humour makes me mean. My quick respond to every stupid line makes me horrible. My restless mind makes me impatient. Everything I touch turns wrong sometimes. 

I've just had another thing to add to the list. Something that should be a worldwide mark of liberation, yet it doesn't make me feel as good as it sounds. I'm still the same shitty being as always, never really gonna change I guess. But I think it's time to start accepting these many things that aren't so good, so that if I really was a horrible human being, at least I wouldn't have a hard time believing someone would understand, because if I could, then everybody could. I am many things, sadly I'm not different and special enough. 

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